We are experts in the nordic market :
25 million people, 4 countries, 4 languages

Intoy A/S

InToy was founded in 2011 – as a 100% privately owned Danish company.

Our mission is to market and sell brands which create innovative and interactive play for children aged 0-10.

We want our brands to add new value in their category - and we are happy to take on the role of First Mover.

Intoy values

  • Reliability   We honour our promises. We do what we say
  • Respect   We respect our network and always leave a good impression
  • Insight and openness, both in partnerships and in our own business
  • Dynamic   We are dynamic and innovative
  • Focus    We are focused and effective and we have a short decision-making process
  • Flexibility   We are flexible and adaptable
  • Willingness to take risks   We are willing both to take risks and to make investments
  • Quality   We deliver quality

Team values

  • Respect   We trust and respect each other
  • Will   Commitment and will to succeed
  • Success   We share and celebrate our successes
  • Common goals   We move things along - towards a common goal
  • Ownership   We take ownership. And we help each other
  • Work smarter   We aim to do more with less