Paw Patrol - No job is too big, no pup is too small!


Paw Patrol Marshall headset Paw Patrol Chase Headset Paw Patrol Skye Headset

These headphones are ‘kid-safe’ with Volume Reduced to protect hearing. They feature soft earcups and cushioned headband with adjustable sides to help fit most kids.

3D Walkie Talkie

Paw Patrol 3D Walkie Talkie Paw Patrol 3D Walkie Talkie front Paw Patrol 3D Walkie Talkie pack

Two real and fun devices for little adventurers!
Play with your friends with these two walkie talkies and enjoy hours of crazy communications!
Ideal to send coded messages! Don’t get discovered!
Set off on an adventure like the heroes from the show!
Specially designed for little hands.
Emission/transmission range: 100 meters

Alarm Clocks

Paw Patrol Alarm Clock Blue Paw Patrol Alarm Clock Pink

This digital alarm clock features the smart & loyal Cockapoo puppy Skye sitting proudly next to her Paw Patrol collar badge.
Set the alarm and wake up to the Paw Patrol theme song.