Create with clay the Poppit way! Make a miniature world that looks so real with Poppit!

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  Starter Pack - Cupcakes   

Poppit Starter Pack Cupcakes

  Refill Pack - Bunnies   

Poppit Refill Pack Bunnies

  Bakery Playset   

Poppit Bakery Playset
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  Starter Pack - Handbags   

Poppit Starter Pack Handbags

  Refill Pack - Cupcakes   

Poppit Refill Pack Cupcakes
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  Starter Pack - Puppies   

Poppit Starter Pack Puppies

  Refill Pack - Icecream   

Poppit Refill Pack Icecream

Load the Popper with clay, pop out your piece and make cute mini creations! It’s the fun easy way to create with clay! Create mini cakes, cool accessories, cute puppies and all sorts of small stuff! There are lots to pop in this mini world!