Zoomer Hungry Bunnies - A cute bunny who loves to eat!

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Shreddy Package Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Shreddy Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Chewy

Give her treats, she enjoys and even makes confetti! Thanks to her sensors, she feels when you caress her: she plays, sings, laughs and moves her paws, her tail and soft ears!
She lets you know when she's hungry, Feed her treats to keep her happy, Tickle her belly or pet her head.

Zoomer Pretty Ponies - Adorable cuteness you can hold in the palm of your hand!

Zoomer Pretty Ponies Sugar Zoomer Pretty Ponies Lilac Zoomer Pretty Ponies Sugar with Comb

Introducing the new Zoomer™ Zupps Pretty Ponies!

Pet their heads and press their noses to get to know your new Zoomer™ Zupps Pretty Poniez  and hear their cute pony sounds! The more you play with them, the happier they will be!
Each Zoomer™ Zupps Pretty Ponies comes with a collector card for you learn more about your Zupp’s personality.

Zoomer Hedgiez - Loves to laugh, whistle, wiggle, blow you a kiss and perform tricks

Hedgiez Rosie Hedgiez Daisy Hedgiez Jewel

Zoomer Hedgiez are the cute and cuddly baby hedgehog pets that will roll into your heart! These interactive, electronic pets have head and belly sensors, a nose button and LED eyes. Gently pet their heads and they will do tricks, including headstands and somersaults. Press their noses to make them wiggle, whistle, blow you a kiss, and other cute sounds. The laughs don’t stop there because these furry friends love to be held and tickled. Turn them upside down, tickle their tummies and watch them curl up into a ball and giggle! Featuring super soft glittery fur, each Zoomer Hedgiez has their own unique look and kids can style its fur with the included comb. With so many to collect, children ages 4 and up who love interactive toys will fall head over heels with Zoomer Hedgiez.

Zoomer Meowzies - • The more you play, the happier they’ll be!

Meowzies Lux Meowzies Posh Meowzies Lux in Box

Meet the Zoomer Meowzies – adorable fluffy-tailed kitties you can’t help but love! You’ll be smitten with these kitties. The more you play with them, the happier they become! Meowzies has special sensors on their head, back and chest so they know when you're petting them. Their interactive LED eyes light up telling you exactly how they're feeling. And if you're in the mood to play, you've just met the right kitties! With interactive games like ‘Mouse Chase’ and ‘Meow Hero,’ cute kitty sounds, a secret trick and stylish tail, Meowzies can't wait to show you everything they can do. Collect Arista, Viola, Patches, and Lucky and watch them share secrets, tell jokes, sing songs and more. Just touch their button noses together and let the feline fun begin! Meowzies are kid-powered, so give them a push and watch how they roll. Bring home your very own personal kitten! Zoomer Meowzies – Full of Life, Full of Meows!